Dr Richie Barclay, PhD

Our evidence based philosophy underpins our results driven programme.

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Areas of Expertise

Performance Nutrition Weight Management Diabetes General Wellbeing, Energy Levels and Health.
  • Performance Nutrition

    Whether short or long term, your goals will be achieved through an increased knowledge in nutrition and Richie’s regular support. Strategies and lifestyle modifications will be made to create a sustainable and enjoyable way of eating that lead to the achievement of your goals.

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  • Weight Management

    Richie provides a bespoke service that caters for individual needs of the recreational and elite athlete. Recommendations are based on your sport, discipline and daily lifestyle. In depth advice is provided on areas that will result in the greatest health and lifestyle outcome.

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  • Diabetes

    Richie has strong knowledge in nutrition for diabetes. His research for his PhD is closely linked to the metabolic disorder and has had great success as of late with his diabetic clients glycemic control.

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  • General Wellbeing, Energy Levels and Health.

    Richie will be able to improve energy, general wellbeing and health through dietary analysis and changes to the composition of your nutrition. These symptoms often improve very quickly in response to the changes Richie makes.

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Accreditations and Affiliations

  • SENR Graduate Registrant
  • Physiological Society Member
  • British Association of Sport and Exercise member

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