Meet Dr Richie Barclay

I am a consultant nutritionist specialising in weight management, human performance, diabetes, older adults and health-related nutrition. I work with a range of individuals, from elite athletes to general populations. I support general populations by enhancing their daily lives by understanding their problem, and their lifestyle before overcoming barriers and implementing an effective plan to create long-term behaviour change and results. I help athletes optimise their nutritional regime to increase both training and performance gain. 

I specialise in: weight management, human performance, diabetes, energy, older adults, health conditions and general well-being. 

I use data from my analysis and insights from our consultation to create and implement the right plan for you. This means you’ll have a plan which is easy to implement, enjoyable, and most importantly works. I have the ability to use laboratory equipment to (Cortex Metalyzer 3b) and personalised blood testing to inform nutritional and lifestyle recommendations if we seek a more data-driven approach to maximise outcomes. 

I implement your plan using scientifically driven behaviour change techniques which means you are more likely to implement the plan effectively long-term. Secondly, we continually review your data using our very own app which ensures you are meeting micro and macronutrient goals aligned to our agreed strategy. 

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Acceptations and Societies

  • SENR Graduate Registrant
  • Physiological Society Member
  • British Association of Sport and Exercise member

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