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Richie has been practicing sport and exercise nutrition for 4 years and his philosophy is evidence based and results driven. He bases all recommendations and changes through facts from the latest scientific research. His approach is to improving the diet is to analyse current intake, track body fat and weight before recommending key changes to work on. Richie supports you between consultations to ensure the implemented changes are maintained. Richie has particular expertise in weight management and athletic performance whilst having good experience in diabetes and general wellbeing.

For his studies, Richie holds both a BSc (Hons) and MSc in Sport and Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition from Staffordshire University and The University of Westminster, respectively. Now, Richie is a Ph.D candidate studying the impact of nutrition and resistance exercise on ageing skeletal muscle. Finally, Richie is on the SENr (sport and exercise nutrition registered) which recognises excellence in the field.

Richie puts the client first and is passionate about helping others reach their targets. Ultimately, he educates and supports others until they are self sufficient in the long term, something he finds extremely rewarding. Aside from nutrition, Richie is a CrossFitter and cyclist. To see how Richie can work with you and your team, please click here.

Acceptations and Societies

  • SENR Graduate Registrant
  • Physiological Society Member
  • British Association of Sport and Exercise member

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