Nutrition for Recovery

Balanced diet and pillars of nutrition Firstly, without a balanced diet which includes at least 5 vegetables per day, some fruit, some healthy fat, carbohydrates and protein, your base diet will be sub optimal which may impair adaptation to exercise. Without sufficient micronutrient quantities, your body is unable to respond to the best of its ability… Read more »

Back on The Blog!

I’ve been a bit quiet on here the last few months, I’ve been super busy with clients and PhD work! I’m aiming to have a monthly blog back on the site. Any recommendations on any topics would be great, I’d love to hear from you!   Richie

Review of Richie, Chislehurst Nutritionist

I received a humbling review recently from one of my clients, hearing things like this make the job so satisfying!   Here it is below:   I would like to take this chance to recommend and encourage the use of Richie from my own personal gains I have seen and are continuing to benefit from…. Read more »

5 Tips for a Successful Weight Loss Diet

Introduction-Weight Loss OverviewFirstly, by weight loss we mean lose body fat. This is a favourable change in body composition as opposed to an unfavourable, where you may lose muscle (key for things like glucose uptake and healthy functioning throughout life).Ultimately, weight loss comes as a result of an energy deficit. This means energy in <… Read more »

First Blog Post

I never thought I’d be starting a blog, generally the stigma attached to being a blogger is something that I have never desired, the back and forth arguments and slander between posts. Although I plan to use this in a positive way, helping you achieve your goals and turn science into readable, applicable content for… Read more »