Bathroom Scale – Friend or Foe?

What is a scale? A scale is a tool that produces a number based on what it is presented with and therefore, it doesn’t take into account what is inside the person on top of it, just the total weight.

When you are following a training programme with the aim of losing body fat you may be achieving that goal but along the way increasing you muscle mass. Due to this, you may increase muscle mass and decrease body fat which would result in your weight to may remain stable which often discourages and saddens dieters. Not to mention the daily fluctuations that occur in weight due to water intake, how much you go to the toilet, how much you’ve eaten and many other factors.

What is the solution?


2. Use the mirror-take regular photos and keep them on your phone. By doing this you have a log of what your body looked like at a specific time point. It’s important to take photos in the same place and same lighting to reduce variability.

3. Have your body fat measured by a qualified SENr or similar nutritionists who can use skinfold callipers accurately measure ± 3%, an option that is best for your development. A scientific approach which has shown to yield the greatest results.

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