Review of Richie, Chislehurst Nutritionist

I received a humbling review recently from one of my clients, hearing things like this make the job so satisfying!


Here it is below:


I would like to take this chance to recommend and encourage the use of Richie from my own personal gains I have seen and are continuing to benefit from. I train for mixed martial arts which in turn is to say strenuous on the human body.
I sought after a nutritionist that would be able to taylor make a package for an individual rather than the masses, in Richie I have found just that. He has adjusted my diet to my individual requirements, for example I have never suffered any difficulty in gaining or losing weight, my problems have been maintaining a stable weight and continued body mass.
I started at 23 stone and am now a well defined 16.10 with good definition. My muscle definition has also in turn increased by over 20% in mass over a short period.
Richie has taught me the benefits of certain foods and in turn by following his strict regime I have maintained body mass, muscle definition, reduction in skin excess.
This in turn over the time has increased my concentration, improved my stamina, increase of attention along with a general good sense of well being.
To sum up I thoroughly recommend him and his ability to improve mine and your dietary lifestyle. He is always available either by text, phone or email. Highly recommended.

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