Red Wine – One to Include With Dinner?

Red wine is a favourite, whether it’s with dinner or out with friends, sipping on a glass of shiraz is some people’s idea of heaven. Although due to the alcohol content over consumption has been linked with several diseases including the biggest killer in the UK, heart disease. So, can it be such a positive thing to have with your steak on a Saturday night?

A recent study by Xiang and others suggest that moderate red wine consumption reduces the risk of heart disease as well as boasting a high anti oxidant content which are the molecules that stop cancers developing through reducing oxidative stress that occurs when you eat processed foods, over-exercise and smoke. The production of free radicals through oxidative stress is key for balance within the body so don’t be put off exercise, it should be noted however that when this process outweighs antioxidant intake due to diet or overtraining, then this may have a negative effect on us.

Anti oxidants are also abundant in green tea, nuts, beans, fruits and vegetables; a reason why the recommendation of 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day is in place.

Take home message:

Consuming red wine in moderation improves the body’s balance of stress whilst helping to protect you from some chronic diseases. A recent review by Robertson tells us to drink two glasses weekly to get the most out of these benefits. Also, a balanced diet is enough to counteract the process of oxidative stress and to remain healthy.

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