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Richie analyses your diet, makes sustainable & easy to manage changes that allow you to achieve your goals. He will measure your body fat and weight before providing a post consultation (including 3 days meal plan) booklet to summarise the session. Results and evidence based practice drives the changes of your diet.

Weight Management

Whether short or long term, your goals will be achieved through an increased knowledge in nutrition and Richie’s regular support. Strategies and lifestyle modifications will be made to create a sustainable and enjoyable way of eating that lead to the achievement of your goals.

Improving Sports Performance

Richie provides a bespoke service that caters for individual needs of the recreational and elite athlete. Recommendations are based on your sport, discipline and daily lifestyle. In depth advice is provided on areas that will result in the greatest performance outcome.


Richie has strong knowledge in nutrition for diabetes. His research for his PhD is closely linked to the metabolic disorder and has had great success as of late with his diabetic clients glycemic control.

General Wellbeing and Energy

Richie will be able to improve energy and general wellbeing through dietary analysis and changes to the composition of your nutrition. These symptoms often improve very quickly in response to the changes Richie makes.

"Richie helped me through a long journey of weight loss, something that has been an issue with me for several years. I was eating more food than before, but the right things and I’ve never felt healthier. It’s now my life and I would never go back! Thanks mate!"

Steven Clarke

"As a long distance runner I’d always listened to hearsay or advice from other athletes but once Richie set out what was beneficial for me and corrected my daily diet i was able to take my focus away from nutrition and focus on performing at my best. Fatigue is barely an issue anymore with the strategies he has put in place and recovery has never been better."

Emily Danebury

"I'm really pleased I sought the advice of Richie. After years of failed fad diets I was desperate for an eating plan that would work for me and Richie's meal plans and nutrition advice has provided that. The meal plans are tasty, and more importantly, don't leave you feeling hungry. I'm now well on my way to feeling healthier and fitter. Richie is approachable, friendly … and won't leave you feeling embarrassed or intimidated."

Yvonne Smith

"I have recently started my journey into a healthier lifestyle and trying to achieve the results I have longed for , for years. I was introduced to Richie’s nutritionist service through my personal trainer. Richie phoned me for a consultation and was so helpful and approachable. Since the initial phone call he has given 100% support and always reply’s to any questions I have within a good time.

I am absolutely amazed at how my eating habits have changed in such a short space of time and the meal plans are easy to follow and prep and so filling and delicious .

I am already feeling so much better in my own skin, in such a short space of time.

Would highly recommend Richie and this service, couldn’t have done it without him!"

Michelle Hoile

"Richie is a fantastic Nutrionisit, I started off out of shape and not knowing anything about Nutrition, within weeks he gave me confidence and the help I needed to prepare the right meals without going hungry. Regular catch ups kept me on track and Richie was always available to assist with my questions. Would highly recommend him to anyone needing advise or that kick start to begin their journey."

Josh Smith

"Richie gives fantastic nutritional advise Always available to give suggestion for pre and post training and gives easy to follow instructions. He has helped my son make huge strides in his physical health. I would highly recommend Richie if you are looking for a nutritionist who is passionate about healthy living."

Catraoine Cumbers

"I met Richie through a friend of mine.
His advice and knowledge has helped me lose weight.
The meal plans were very easy and affordable to follow.
I highly recommend Richie and will definitely use him in the future."

Olga Stockton

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